These are the things I can do with your help.

I’ve been reviewing my 2018 accomplishments to help me craft my 2019 #GNO.

Here is a preliminary list for 2019:

➜Write 500 words every day
➜Spend 1 hour/day on building my network
➜Try something new every month
➜Send my newsletter every Sunday night
➜Publish a full blog post every Tuesday
➜Engage on LinkedIn every day
➜Shoot one video each week
➜Help at least one person every day on LinkedIn
➜Create and track my personal KPIs
➜Remove at least 1 task from my todo list every day

I also plan to start each day by writing, by hand, each of these goals as a short sentence. I’ve read that doing that can help maintain focus on achieving them.

This list is mostly personal items, combining efforts from both my businesses, Intelefy (wireless consulting) and Bangkok Beach Telecom (career development and training).

Any suggestions for me on this list?

Are you thinking about your own 2019 objectives?

What things will you put on your list?

Leave me a comment with your 2019 GNOs.

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