About Us

For companies investing in wireless, I consult for Intelefy LLC.   I do technical project management, in pretty much any way you define that.

Intelefy experience includes vendor selection and negotiations; network implementation, both greenfield startup, and network overlays; project management; working with Boards of Directors, CXOs, and M&A from both sides; vendor swap. And pretty much everything operators do routinely in their technology department.  Give us a call to see how we might help you sleep better.

Let’s talk briefly about your needs and concerns.  No charge.  No commitment.  No strings. Invest a few minutes to share what’s on your mind.  Even if I can’t help you, I might know someone who can. 

Click the link below to pick a time for us to talk which fits your schedule.

Schedule Time to Discuss your needs

This is a link to an online scheduling app. Pick a time that works for your schedule. If no available time is good, please send me a message, I’ll accommodate your schedule. I’m keen to help if I can.