Do this before the New year arrives.

In my last update, we talked about things to do during a #Telecoms #NetworkFreeze. One of those things was to prepare for the new year.

Here are things I’m thinking about as the New Year approaches. No particular order.
✅Prepare the New Year budget.
✅Have you identified recurring activities which can be automated?
✅Have you agreed on Goals and Objectives, #GNOs, for the people in your team individually, and for the team as a whole?
✅Do you have a plan in place to achieve each KPI your team will be measured by?
✅Can you speed Cost Containment projects, to realize the savings sooner?
Do you have a formal way, like a Dashboard, to track these KPIs?
✅Have you pre-populated your calendar with any special events, such as sports, conferences, political meetings, religious festivals

What’s the number 1 thing you’re thinking about preparing for the new year? Leave me a comment.

In my next message, I’ll talk about my #resolutions for 2019.

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