These 3 Insights changed my Telecoms career

Traveling home after the holidays, I thought about what helped my #Telecoms #career. Here’s what I came up with:

✅The best infrastructure is invisible; you only see it when it breaks. Your top priority, a reliable service, earns you no recognition. It’s a stunning paradox. But you’d better find another way to get noticed.

✅Cost Containment is the “other way”. Improving the cost structure is so powerful, that is it a fundamental skill for #TelecomsPros. Success raises your profile significantly, as long as it is widely known.

✅Making your successes known is part of your job. Try a little marketing to spread awareness. I knew I was on the right track with my efforts. But it was only when I began sharing my Cost Containment Dashboard that people noticed. Make people aware of your value.

Here are some other truisms: Share your Work freely. Teach everything you know. Document like you’re leaving. Always be learning. Courtesy costs nothing. Get 1% better every day.

What are your sharpest career insights? Leave me a comment.

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