When is an innovative, cutting edge, wireless technology not mobile?

When it’s WiFi!

WiFi has many benefits #Mobiles might want to emulate.

For example,

✅WiFi technology generations are ~3.5 years. For Mobiles, it’s more like 10 years.

✅Each new WiFi generation, so far, has been backward compatible will all previous generations.

✅WiFi Base Station cost, even a carrier-grade one, is roughly 2 orders of magnitude cheaper than a Mobile base station.

✅Lastly, WiFi’s 6 generations all use the same, original RF spectrum. Mobile generations always need new spectrum. Think of the impacts if new Mobile generations could be deployed in the same spectrum.

I know this is not apples-to-apples comparison.

For example, Mobiles must manage mobility, which WiFi does not. Billing, roaming and subscriber management are all “built-into” mobiles. For WiFi, they’re bolt-ons.

My point is WiFi has features nice for mobiles to have. I believe some of these features might arise from success of the Open Telecom Projects.

What do you think? Many of you may see an Open Telecoms Project before you’ll see 5G anything.

I have a list of Open Telecoms Projects which I’ve been following. 18 Projects and counting! Click the link below to download a copy. If there’s a project you follow which isn’t on the list, kindly post it in the comments.

Download Open Telecoms Projects

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