The goal of your profile summary is to be friendly, likable, and to empathize with your target audience

Write in a casual style, like chatting with a friend. Demonstrate your understanding of the challenges the reader confronts. Tell of your professional joy overcoming those challenges.

The summary has 3 key objectives

  1. Present yourself as someone the reader might enjoy working with
  2. Show your passion for solving the reader’s problems
  3. Get them to read your whole profile.

For the first, write as though you’re talking with a friend. Be warm and friendly. Avoid using jargon. Save the technical talk and acronyms for the Experience section. Use a story-telling style in the summary.

For the second, tell of your passion for #Telecoms from the reader’s perspective. Demonstrate your understanding of the challenges they face.

The last objective should be met if you’ve succeeded with the first two. Remember to focus on the perspective of your audience, and your passion for solving their troubles.

Writing the profile summary can be hard for Telecom Pros. Remember to write as though you were talking with a friend, and it should be OK.

Leave a comment with your own suggestions for the Summary.

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