Your LinkedIn Profile will be ignored without this

A good headline compels you to read the article, right?

Similarly, your profile Headline should interest your target audience and make them want to read your entire profile.

Your target audience includes potential customers, employers, and business partners. People you might want to work with.

✅Your headline should say you matter to them.

✅Pique their interest.

✅Make it clear that you help.

The headline is included with your photo everywhere you appear on LinkedIn.

Don’t waste the opportunity. Write to attract your target customer and induce them to read your entire profile.

Express your personal brand. The possibilities are limited only by your own imagination and objectives.

Some include keywords to match searches. But the summary and experience sections allow more space for this.

Some use their job title. très gauche and unimaginative.

Some leave it blank. But don’t do that. You could at least display “This space for rent”.

The best use of the headline is to attract potential business partners.

What do you think? If the headline is boring, do you read the article?

Leave me a comment with your headline.

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