Here’s a problem 5G won’t solve

These are exciting times in Telecoms. Every day brings more information about new 5G technologies such as MIMO, mmWave, Network Slicing, and URLLC. Exciting use cases are described, such as private networks, Autonomous Cars, Neutral Host Networks, and EdgeComputing.

Although these are the things we read about, what exciting things have you worked on this week?

I didn’t think so.

It’s quite a paradox. The press is filled with the dazzling future just around the next corner, while our workdays are filled with routine maintenance, customer complaints, troubleshooting, budgets, and on and on it goes. Nothing very exciting.

But all necessary.

As Telecoms Engineers, we love to read about and talk about the new. Yet we should focus on things which improve service quality and lower costs. Things which develop our skills.

I like helping my team develop their skills. That’s more valuable to me and to them. I teach a lot about Excel because it can help with so many aspects of building and maintaining the network.

What do you do to develop your Telecoms skills? Leave me a comment with your best suggestions for Telecom Engineers skill development.

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