Many Decry the Demise of Telecoms Network Operators

Many are decrying the demise of the #Telecoms #Network #Operator for failing to innovate or to succumb to Dumb Pipe Syndrome™. The asteroid ending the long reign of network operators has already impacted, apparently.

I don’t think the network operator business model has changed that fundamentally for a long time.

“Heretic” you cry. “Has Russell been smoking something recently decriminalized by California?” you snicker. “Has he not heard of 5G?”

Calm yourself. The sky falls not.

The Telecoms network operator business model has always been about balancing capital and operating expenses with the recurring subscriber revenue of those who use it.

Innovation is mostly lowering the cost structure or temporary first-mover advantages.

Do you see any fundamental change coming?

I’m carefully watching the open standards movement. Opening up interfaces might loosen the grip of vendors and allow smaller, more innovative players into the network.

It could help separate hardware from software, and potentially end the decennial forklift replacement of the network.

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