Are you following the progress of #eSIM?

I believe eSIM will be a significant change agent for the Mobile industry. I’ve posted many eSIMs updates.

I evaluated eSIMs for a client during 2018. We concluded that the time was not yet right to add an eSIM to the client’s product, and selected a traditional form factor instead.

At that time, I though eSIM would become mainstream within 12-18 months.

That was 9 months ago. And although progress is coming, resistance, primarily from MNO, continues to slow things down.

I recently spoke with Rune Holbech of Nordic eSIM. I wanted to better understand his view of the eSIM opportunity, and of the Nordic eSIM platform.

I was quite impressed with Rune’s knowledge and with the commercial penetration of Nordic eSIM. The eSIM platform space can expect to grow along with M2M and IoT and IIoT, so Nordic eSIM seems well-positioned as the industry matures.

Who do you follow to improve your understanding of eSIM?

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