Will Open Standards Impact Telecoms?

Last week at Telecoms World Asia the 5G track was very popular.

Although 5G is widely expected to require years to mature, its many significant advances seem certain to have a dramatic impact on the industry.

Open Telecoms Projects seek to disaggregate monolithic, proprietary network functionality

During the conference, I met with Ron Isom of the Open Networking Foundation (ONF). Our brief chat reinforced my belief that defining more of the network with standard interfaces will also be quite impactful.

And just like 5G, it may take years for networks governed by these standards to mature.

I’ve been closely following several of these open Telecom projects. One important success factor is participation and even leadership from network #operators. This increases my confidence that these projects can succeed.

My interest in these open standards fuels my belief in the impact open standards will have. Maybe even as impactful as 5G.

I’ve got a list of the open standards projects I’ve been following. Click the link below to download it. If there’s a project you follow which isn’t on the list, kindly post it into the comments.

ownload the Open Telecoms Projects.

What do you think? What kind of impact do you think open standards can have on the industry?

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