What Happens When You comment?

This video is for you if you’re using LinkedIn to build your reputation and grow your career in Telecoms.

When you comment on an article, the author is notified, and the article will also be shown to your LinkedIn connections.

That’s a big deal already! It helps the author of the article by adding your connections to his or her audience.

And your comment will be seen by that same, larger audience.

I try to follow these guidelines when I comment:

  • Always add value.
  • Be respectful and courteous.
  • Write to stimulate more engagement.
  • Be specific about what triggered my comment.
  • If I have a question, be specific about that, too.

With a large audience, I feel like each time I comment is a bit like a performance. So many people right in my niche will be watching.

How I comment can help, or hurt, my reputation.

What are your guidelines for commenting?

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