Was the Project Manager you hired successful?

If you’ve been the de facto Project Manager (PM), and then hired a new PM, it’s you who must change to enable the new PM.

The reason is human nature. Your team already has the habit of discussing the project with you. They give you status; deliver updates; discuss interesting aspects.

That’s their habit. It’s yours, too. They won’t change if you don’t.

Assuming part of the PM’s role was to offload you, what did you do to follow through?

✅Did you introduce the new PM?
✅Did you renounce all your previous PM duties?
✅Did you tell people to work with the new PM and ignore you?
❌Here’s the hard one: when someone tried to give you project info, did you stop them and tell them to talk to the PM?

That’s where many projects fail. The PM is often blamed. But it’s the PM’s manager who failed. It’s your fault.

Hiring the PM is easy. The really hard part is to fight your own urge to know. You must stop people discussing the project with you. Redirect them to the PM.

You must do this to give the PM any chance of succeeding.
If they won’t talk to the PM, he’s finished!

You must change your behavior for others to change theirs.

So, how successful was the Project Manager you hired?

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