Tracking Cost Containment Progress

I hope you have enjoyed my earlier writings about Cost Containment.  If you have started working to be recognized in your organization as a Cost Containment leader you should also consider how to track and present your accomplishments.   The chart shows concisely the EBITDA impact of Cost Containment efforts.

This Microsoft Excel chart is taken from a previous project I worked, though all identifiable names and dates have been changed to shield proprietary data.  The numbers and overall duration are accurate.  I setup a tracker in Excel to collate all the Cost Containment progress my team made.  With the exception of the “Annualized EBITDA Impact” text box, the entire chart is automatically generated from the updated project information.  Excel automation is such an important subject for Telecom Engineers that I may address it in future articles. For now, just know that simply maintaining a table of improvements as they are recognized is enough to produce an up-to-date chart.

The projects that yielded these cost savings were not very exceptional: every Telecoms Engineer works on similar projects every day.  The key difference is that a chart such as this is a powerful reminder of the day-to-day impact of focused concentration on Cost Containment.  Start putting this chart into your periodic status reports.  Your boss and even the CEO will notice.  Carry on!

If you focus on Cost Containment and maintain a tracker of the impacts, be certain to include it when you discuss a raise with your boss. Or if you are looking for a job, show the chart to recruiters and interviewers.  Most people like to say they make a difference. With this chart, you can prove it, guaranteed.

To use the tracker, Cost Containment project information is entered into the Projects worksheet of the Cost Containment template.  Once your updates are entered, refresh the pivot table on the Pivot worksheet. The chart updates automatically.  You can download the tracker by clicking the link below.

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