Recruiter’s Corner: Jade Lee San Yue

Recruiter’s Corner is a recurring series where a Telecoms & ICT Recruiter answers questions about recruitment, candidates and the industry.mortarboard

Today we hear from Ms. Jade Lee San Yue.  Jade is the Sales Director, Finance & IT for Talent Insight Executive Search Group, 9 Temasek Boulevard, #09-01 Suntec Tower Two, Singapore.  http: //

Beyond outstanding performance in their current job, what other things can candidates do to attract the attention of recruiters in a good way?

I find that speaking engagements (free of paid) and/or featured or interviewed by publications or newspapers helps with visibility.

How would you like candidates to prepare for an interview with a recruiter?

Clear articulation of his/her contribution to a few significant achievements/projects versus team contribution.

What behaviors or actions do you like most to see from candidates?

I understand that last minute meeting/events can pop up at any time, especially during work, so what I appreciate most is being kept in the loop if the candidate is running late. I’d do the same if I had to reschedule or am running late. This way we are able to respect each other’s time and either reschedule or just push the meeting back by 30mins or so.

What CV or Resume annoyances or mistakes would you advise candidates to correct?

Excessive projects listed. Please list down 2 or max 3 choice projects or achievements in your CV.  Each role should have 2 sections; one which describes your role/scope/KPI and the other an achievement section (mentioned in above paragraph).

After a relatively positive interview with a candidate, what do you typically want candidates to do next?

I typically keep candidates posted when there are new developments, good or bad, from clients.

I’m happy for candidates to keep in touch with me and keep me posted especially if they are interviewing for other opportunities.

I am fine even if they want to reach out to the hiring manager (only after they have met), as long as we keep each other posted.

Last question.  What is the number one thing you wish candidates never did?

Rather than saying what I wish candidates never did, I’ll say I’d like candidates to be as transparent with me as I am with them.


Many thanks to Ms. Lee for her insights and candid answers.  If you are a recruiter and would like to participate in Recruiter’s Corner, kindly contact us.

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