Now is Your Time to Win – David Dean

David Dean was a long-time salesman with a very successful track record.  He began his sales career selling books for the Southwestern company during summer recess while attending university.

Books for building your character and career
Books for building your character and career

This book is in the genre of motivational or self-help.

The book chronicles his sales efforts during several of those summers and he uses his own experiences to illustrate 7 principles which he believes are important to success in any endeavor.  These little vignettes tie the book together and give it a helpful air of storytelling.

Dean also includes many quotes and tales from famous businesspeople, celebrities and sports figures.  If you ever long for a motivational story or quotes for your public speaking appearances, this book is full of useful reference material.

The 7 Principles

After a brief Forward by legendary Salesman Og Mandino, the book immediately starts in on the 7 Principles

1. Accept your situation

Don’t kid yourself or others.  Don’t live in an illusion.  Accepting things for the way they really are is the first step to handling them appropriately.

2. Be willing to fail

This is great advice for avoiding complacency and indecision.  Giving yourself permission to fail allows you to move forward without fear of doing the wrong thing.

In my own experience, there are 3 possible outcomes of any decision process:  a good decision, a bad decision, and no decision.

A good decision can be celebrated.

A bad decision can be improved by deciding again.

But no decision, or in other words, doing nothing, that’s paralysis.  This is without question the worst possible choice.  Dependencies also cannot be handled until this decision is made.  Other projects and tasks also will be delayed when the choice is to not decide.  More resources may be squandered seeking support for a good or bad decision.

By far, not deciding is the worst possible choice.  There is related advice about this point, such as “fail faster”, and “step out of your comfort zone”.  Regardless of which resonates most with you, almost any decision will be better than no decision.

3. Make daily preparation

Form daily habits which will give you the best possible chance in any situation.  Don’t “wing it” or “fake it”.  Keep in mind that “the harder I work, the luckier I get”.

4. Be a professional

Meet your obligations. Fulfill your commitments.  Don’t let down other or yourself.

5. Live in the present

His point is a that there is only now.  Yesterday is past and nothing can be done to change it. Tomorrow is a dream from which we have yet to awaken. The only time to do anything is now.  So simple, yet so powerful.

At the end of this chapter, there is a passage about 1 page long called “Just for Today”.  It’s a bit like a prayer or maybe a self-help sales pitch.  The book encourages the reader to read it each morning.

6. Do your best

There can be no failure if you have done your best.  Forget about winning, whatever that might be for you in any situation. Do your best, and you will always be a success.

7. Let God help you

A personal relationship with God can lend meaning and substance to the confusing tangle of our daily lives.


At 105 pages the book is a fairly quick read, even stopping to consider and reread particular passages.  I got through it in about 4 hours.  I recommend it as a fine addition to your library and a compliment to your other educational pursuits.  Click to see NOW IS YOUR TIME TO WIN by David Dean on  This is an affiliate link.  If you decide to buy the book, I’ll receive a small commission from Amazon.

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