November 2017 Writing Roundup

Each month I summarize my work during the previous month.  It is my hope that by pausing to reflect on my activities and reviewing my progress that I can learn how to do better in the future. Monthly Traffic ReportAfter stellar performances in September and October, I pressed pause just a bit in November.  I spent a liitle less time writing, and a bit more time on some housekeeping duties.

Amonth those duties was to begin tweeting Tips for improving your LinkedIn Profile, which I tweet throughout the day.  Follow @telecomvoices on Twitter to see them in your twitter feed.  Click here to see an example.

Blog Posts

I published 6 articles this month. That’s more than I usually publish.  I can’t really explain why I wrote so much this month.  I wish I could continue doing that consistently.

Excel BTS Project Tracker – Forecasting

Learning to use DMIN and DMAX.

Single mod_perl Instance Serving Multiple Domains

Details of my web development environment.

Historical Forecasts for Your BTS Project Tracker

Learning to use INDEX and MATCH.  Slowly building up to a fully automated project Tracker Dashboard.

5 Myths about Automated Excel Telecom Dashboards

This is my response to the feedback I’ve gotten about my Excel BTS Project Tracker series.   You also can download my cheat sheet of the best tips for automating your own Excel workbooks.

How to Keep Going When You Lose Your Job

This is the first article I’ve published on  It’s been well received.  I might write more.  Medium is an easy platform on which to write.  Not much to get in the writer’s way.

Create an Awesome LinkedIn Profile

My book to give technologists a fighting chance in a crowded and loud jobs marketplace.  Buy it now on Gumroad.

November Traffic Summary

November 2017 Traffic Report
November 2017 Traffic Report

Traffic was off a bit in November while I focused on some housekeeping duties.  The 3-month average still shows an upward trend.  That’s largely due to how outstanding September and October were.

In other site milestones, I published my 100th blog article in November.

’till next time, Russell

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