Method of Procedure for adding IP Pools to the Starent PDSN Wireless

We recently had an opportunity to add an IP Pool to the Starent 16000 PDSN in our Nortel CDMA network. It is standard procedure that any network activity that has the potential to impact service must be performed during a low traffic period, (aka “the maintenance window”) and must be accompanied by a written method of Procedure (“MOP”.) Writing a MOP is not a very exciting activity, and in fact, takes a significant effort to get right. However, on the few occasions when the procedure went sideways, a well-written MOP was handy for resolving the issue, and in the worst cases, keeping us out of trouble in the post-mortem that followed.

Procedures that are frequently done benefit from a MOP by serving as a guideline for new engineers. Infrequently done procedures benefit by having a detailed reminder of what to, and not, do.

Read on for those details.

1    Procedure

  1.     Copy all screen output to a file by activating putty terminal logging.
  2.     Save a copy of the current PDSN configuration.
    [local]pdsn1# show configuration<CR>
  3.     Delete and re-add IP Subpool
    [local]pdsn1# configure
    [local]pdsn1(config)# context dest
    [dest]pdsn1(config-ctx)# no ip pool evdo
    [dest]pdsn1(config-ctx)# ip pool evdo private 0
  4.     Save new configuration to fileAfter configuration has been changed save the configuration.  See PDSN 05 NTP NN20000197.03.08 page 92 for full details of saving the configuration.
    [local]pdsn1(config)# save configuration /flash/production.18711.20080807.cfg <CR>

    Current files can be viewed using this command

    [local]pdsn1# dir /flash

  5.     Set the new boot priority
  6. Use the sequentially next smallest priority number based upon the output of the show boot command.

    Use the same image as in the output of the show version command.

    Use the configuration file from step 4)

    [local]pdsn1(config)# boot system priority 8 image /flash/production.18711.st16.bin config /flash/production.18711.20080807.cfg <CR>

    Exit the configuration mode.

    [local]pdsn1(config)# end

  7. 6)    After saving the changes, sync the files between the active and inactive PDSN cards.
  8. [local]pdsn1(config)# card spc synchronize filesystem all <CR>


If a given change procedure fails here are steps to roll back to the stable configuration that existed prior to beginning the upgrade.

Enter configuration mode

[local]pdsn1# config<CR>

Delete the previously added pool called <pool name>.

[local]pdsn1(config)# no ip pool evdo<CR>

After data-fill changes:  If the shelf configuration is acceptable type the save configuration command:

[local]pdsn1(config)# save configuration /flash/system.20080807.cfg<CR>

After saving the changes, sync the files between the active and inactive cards.  The card spc synchronize command synchronizes the files to the standby SPC:

[local]pdsn1(config)# card spc synchronize filesystem all <CR>


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