LinkedIn Update – Weekly Search Appearances

It seems LinkedIn recently updated their user interface. You can see the change by clicking the “me” icon, then select “view Profile” to view your own profile. Scroll down below your photo, headline, and summary and there is a short block showing the count of “Who’s viewed your profile”, “Views of your post in the feed”, and the new count “Weekly search appearances”. This is the number of times your profile appeared in searches during the previous calendar week.weekly-search-appearances

Click the number and a page of search stats shows. It displays the week in question and shows the count of times your profile matched search results, ordered by descending count of the searching company. You can click the link to visit that company’s page on LinkedIn.

It also shows “what your searchers do”, which is the percentage of searches ordered by searcher job title.  No drill down information is available for this.

I suspect in the Premium plans more information is available. After Microsoft acquired LinkedIn last year, the Advanced Search was eliminated for free plans. One can imagine how much information LinkedIn could show if they wished to.

Do you have a premium plan? Can you tell us if any more information is available to you about searchers and searches?

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