July 2017 – Writing Roundup

I spent much of July doing software development.  Mostly, I worked on the LinkedIn Tip of the Day application, and also my book.

Both these efforts cut down on the time I had for writing articles.   I plan to publish more articles this month.  As always, if there is a particular topic you would like write about, let me know in the comments or visit my survey on Google docs,

What would you like me to write about?

Thanks for reading!

Blog Posts

Web Development Tools for the Well-Rounded Technologist was published July 31.  This is the first article about my web development experiences.  I plan to write more to share my development environment, best practices.  Basically, I want to share my excitement and enjoyment programming Perl using Apache, the mod_perl module, MySQL (or Mariadb).

LinkedIn Article

I published “How to Make LinkedIn Notifications Work For You” using the LinkedIn Publishing Platform.

My most popular article on LinkedIn continues to be “A LinkedIn Profile That Gets You Noticed

Create An Awesome LinkedIn Profile

This is the title of my new book.  It is a more detailed treatment of the blog post A LinkedIn Profile That Gets You Noticed.  The first draft of the book is finished and I’m working on revisions.  The book should be completed and published by mid-September.  Sign up for updates about the book and I’ll give you a nice discount.

LinkedIn Tip of the Day

I completed the LinkedIn Tip of the Day application.  Well, the first pass, anyway.  There are now over 100 tips, and I continue adding them as they occur to me.    I post a new tip a couple times every weekday.  There are several other things I want to consider doing with the application.  But for now, I’ll call it version 1.0, and return my focus to completing the book.

The development work was to assure that every tip has the same look and feel.  I wanted people to become familiar with a specific format and layout. So I used the LinkedIn API to interface my blog.  All the tips live in a database on my blog site, and a script grabs a random tip and writes it to LinkedIn via the API.

Would you be interested to receive every Tip of the Day for the week in an email?  Please let me know what you think in the comments.  If enough people are interested I’ll put up a signup form to receive a weekly digest of tips.

Also,  you can suggest your own tips in the comments.

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